The club has many opportunities to socialize with other native English speakers who share familiar cultural traditions. If you’d like to receive invitations to our events, write us at

Quarterly Meetings

Held in March, June, September and December, our quarterly meetings are where official business is conducted over a potluck lunch. The Club’s board for the upcoming year is chosen at the Annual Meeting in June. At the December meeting, we have a Christmas cookie exchange.

Book Group

Members have the opportunity to meet once a month to discuss the book over tea and treats. It currently meets on Thursdays.

Changes to Event Organization

Due to the busy lives of our members, the club is taking a year to assess how to keep the club going in a way that puts less work on the board members, therefore, our main events this year will be the quarterly meetings.  All members are welcome to organize an event and can write to our treasurer to find out how to proceed.

Some of our events have included:

Friday Coffee

Held one or two Fridays per month at different cafés throughout Odense, Friday Coffee is a way to end the week on a ‘hej‘. It is also a great chance for newcomers to meet Club members, who have a wealth of knowledge about living in Denmark.

Cocktail Hour

Occasionally on a Friday or Saturday, we meet later in the day for cocktails in Odense city. 


If eating is more your thing, join us for a leisurely brunch  on a Sunday morning at a café in Odense.

Family Holiday Parties

From a couples-only Valentine’s Party to family-friendly parties for Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, the Club keeps our cultural holiday traditions alive and passes them on to the next generation.

Charity Fundraiser

In the past, the club has raised money for a charity agreed-upon by the Club membership, which participates in raising money. Most recently, we’ve sponsored a bowling outing with our earnings going to charity.